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Full-Time Faculty

Department of Applied Economics and Management

Judith Chen-Hsuan Cheng

Title: Associate Professor, Chairman of Bechelor Program of Intelligent Leisure Agriculture
Research: Environmental Education Program Development and Evaluation, Leisure Behaviors, Leisure Resources
E-mail: chengch@niu.edu.tw
Office Tel.: +886-3-9357400 #7848



Chun-Ju Wang

Title: Associate Professor and Chairman of Department of Applied Economics and Management
Research: Strategic Management, Organization Theory and Management
E-mail: cjwang@niu.edu.tw
Office Tel.: +886-3-9357400 #7858


Kai-Lih Chen

Title: Professor, Vice President and VPAA of NIU
Research: Leisure Economics, Microeconomics, Environmental and Resource Economics
E-mail: klchen@niu.edu.tw
Office Tel.: +886-3-9357400 #7846


Feng-Jeng Lin

Title: Professor, Dean, College of Humanities and Management
Research: Statistical Analysis, Management Science, Market Research
E-mail: fjlin@niu.edu.tw
Office Tel.: +886-3-9357400 #7849


Chih-Chun Chen

Title: Associate Professor, CEO of EMBA
Research: Investment Strategy, Capital Market
E-mail: chihchun@niu.edu.tw
Office Tel.: +886-3-9357400 #7853


Jyh-Liang Guan

Title: Associate Professor
Research: Strategy, Internaitonal Business, Business Analysis and Diagnosis, Service Industry Managmenet
E-mail: jlguan@niu.edu.tw
Office Tel.: +886-3-9357400 #7852


Department of Leisure Industry and Health Promotion

Yi-Fan Tung

Title: Assistant Professor
Research: Hotel Human Resource Management、Career Development Analysis
E-mail: yftung@niu.edu.tw
Office Tel: +886-3-9357400 #7282


Department of Biomechatronic Engineering

Ming-Yih Chang

Ming-Yih Chang
Title: Lecturer
Research: CAD, Aqaucultural Engineering
E-mail: mychang@niu.edu.tw
Office Tel.: +886-3-9357400 #7803


Department of Horticulture

Su-Chiung Chen

Su-Chiung Chen
Title: Professor
Research: Insect Ecology, Plant Protection
E-mail: scchen@niu.edu.tw
Office Tel.: +886-3-9357400 #7639


Chia-Chyi Wu

Chia-Chyi Wu
Title: Associate Professor
Research: Vegetable Science, Organic Cultivation, Health Horticultural Crops, Horticultural Crop Stress Physiology, Facility Crop Cultivation
E-mail: angwu@niu.edu.tw
Office Tel.: +886-3-9357400 #7641


Yung Chiung Chang

Yung Chiung Chang
Title: Associate Professor
Research: Application of Plant Grafting Technology and Physiology, Woody Plant Growth and Flowering Physiology, Water-Saving Technology in Agricultural Production
E-mail: changyc@niu.edu.tw
Office Tel.: +886-3-9357400 #7648


Ji-Wei Huang

Ji-Wei Huang
Title: Assistant Professor
Research: Gardening, Sustainable Landscape Theory and Practice, Landscape Planning Design / Management / Maintenance, Landscape Ecology, Natural Environment Resource Management and Planning, Rural Recreation and Landscape Resources, Lawn, Ornamental Plant Cultivation and Application, Horticulture
E-mail: jwhuang@niu.edu.tw
Office Tel.: +886-3-9357400 #7645


Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering

Fay Huang

Fay Huang
Title: Associate Professor
Research: Computer Vision, Computer Graphics, Virtual Reality, Computer Art
E-mail: fay@niu.edu.tw
Office Tel.: +886-3-9357400 #7312


Chao-Hsi Huang

Chao-Hsi Huang
Title: Associate Professor
Research: RFID, Cloud Technology Information Management, Mobile Device Programming, Parallel Computing, Computational Physics
E-mail: chhuang@niu.edu.tw
Office Tel.: +886-3-9357400 #7311


Chih-Ming Chu

Title: Assistant Professor & CEO of I3E
Research: Game Based Learning, Learning Behavior Analysis, Embedded System Application, STEAM Education, Social Network Analysis
E-mail: cmchu@niu.edu.tw
Office Tel.: +886-3-9357400 #7313


Department of Electronic Engineering

Jie-Ren Chang

Title: Associate Professor, Dean of Library and Information Center
Research: Big Data Analysis, Data Mining, Internet of Things, Image Processing, Embedded system
E-mail: jrchang@niu.edu.tw
Office Tel.: +886-3-9357400 #7346



Graduate Institute of Architecture and Sustainable Planning

Fang Jie Syue

Title: Associate Professor, Chairman of Graduate Institute of Architecture and Sustainable Planning
Research: Architectural Planning, Landscape and Ecology, Planning and Design, Architectural Planning and Design, Environmental Behavior
E-mail: fjshiue@niu.edu.tw
Office Tel.: +886-3-9357400 #7430


Wu Chang Ho

Title: Associate Professor
Research: Landscape Planning, Leisure and Recreation Management, Sightseeing Planning, Public Art, Landscape Engineering
E-mail: horatio@niu.edu.tw
Office Tel.: +886-3-9357400 #7436


Chieh Hui Kuo

Title: Lecturer
Research: Contemporary Architectural Theory Trends, Urban Landscape Narrative Research, Environmental Art Creation, Community Building and Space Design
E-mail: chkuo@niu.edu.tw
Office Tel.: +886-3-9357400 #7437