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Our program is designed with eco-friendly agriculture as the foundation, business management as the core skill, information technology as the instrument, and environmental sustainability as the goal. We integrate various resources and interdepartmental offerings to develop this valuable bachelor program. We cultivate professional expertise in the leisure agriculture industry.  We ensure that students are fully qualified in the skills necessary to harvest for themselves satisfying careers in the areas of eco-friendly agriculture, management, the leisure agriculture industry and information technology.


Included in this program are courses gleaned from among the four colleges, building an interdisciplinary “four as one” approach that excels in innovative pedagogy. From the talents of our own academics, the advice of professional experts, and field studies, our students learn to recognize basic problems within the leisure farm industry and how to intelligently deal with these various difficulties.  This approach bridges the gap between the theoretical and the practical so that students achieve an interdisciplinary mindset as well as a holistic professional approach to the leisure farm industry.


The first three years of this program are sponsored by the Council of Agriculture of Executive Yuan, a method successfully used by educational programs that provide youth with worry-free access to school uniforms, textbooks, tuition, accommodation, internship transportation, spending allowances, and so forth.  In the fourth year of the program, students engage in an internship program that also offers subsidized tuition and housing accommodation.